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1/8 Scale Hull Kit part# SG92102.5H
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New for 2017 1/8 scale epoxy fiberglass hull kit.
Click here for more information and a video for part# SG92102.5H
Email for inforamtion:
I'm continuing to add new Gas Scales and I'm still working on the pages. I'm
currently working on more gas scale hull kits, cowls, wings, parts etc. I will add them
to the website as they become available. If you have any questions about the gas
scale please email me. Please note my Classic Thunderboat is also a Gas Scale.
I will continue to make more 1/8 scale hull kits, cowls, wings, parts etc.
Thank you to all my customers for their continued business.     
New Hull Kit
We build rc (radio control) race boat hull kits for
1/8 Scale Unlimited Hydroplanes
Classic Thunderboats and Gas Scale.
We also build cowlings, lexan canopies, wing
sets, drivers and other parts.

Our hulls are epoxy fiberglass with built-in
flotation and optional carbon fiber
The result is a high quality, strong, durable and
lightweight boat.

Our rc boats can also be built as
display models as well.

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Ask us and we will try to help.
Nitro or Electric
NEW Gas Scale for 2017   ~  The 1963 - 1971 Miss Madison