1991 U-6 Gaylords at Kilohana
1991 U
-6 Vavoline - Miss Madison
1991 U-6 Kellogg's Frosted Flakes
1992 U-6 Kellogg's Tony The Tiger
1993 U-6
Kellogg's Frosted Flakes
1994 U-6 Miss Madison/Powerball
1995 U-6 Jasper Engines & Transmissions
1999 U-6 Miss Madison (white)
2000 U-6 Miss Madison (yellow)
2000-02 U-6 OH Boy! OBerto
Price for 1/8 scale cowling
#SG118C-M ............. $98.00 plus shipping
1/8 scale rc boat epoxy fiberglass cowling (2 pieces)
Measurements:  14-3/8” L x 5” W (front)
    15-1/8” L x 6” W x 4” H (back)
Part# SG118C-M will build the following 1/8 scale unlimited hydroplanes:
        Please note:  This is a sample listing. This cowling may be used for other boats in this era.
Our salt water snorkel part# SG760C will fit this cowling. See below.
Cowling may need modifications to fit your hull.
Lexan Driver
#SGDRIVER .... $8.00 plus shipping
Lexan Canopy - Windshield
#SG118LC-M .. $24.00 plus shipping
Cockpit Tray
#SG118Tray . $14.00 plus shipping
1/8 Scale Wing Set
#SG950WS ...... $50.00 plus shipping
Aluminum Wing Stabilizer Bracket
#SG100SB ..... $89.00 plus shipping
Aluminum Lifting Brackets
#SG4LB ........ $12.00 plus shipping
1/8 Scale Canard Wings (front only)
#SG118CW ...... $20.00 plus shipping
Turbine Tube Shroud
#SG118TS ... $20.00 plus shipping
Turbine Tray - Deck Lid
#SG118H-TT ... $22.00 plus shipping
12" L x 5" W x 1" H
Salt Water Snorkel
#SG760C ......... $40.00 plus shipping
Turbine Tube
#SG118TTE ..... $40.00 plus shipping
Carbon Fiber Wing Mounts
#SG100CFWM ..$38.00 plus shipping
4-1/2" H x 3-1/2" W x 1" Base
1) a small, forward-mounted wing,
usually between the sponsons and
often adjustable for trim, either by
pivoting about a lateral axis or by
hinged or sliding flaps on the trailing
edge; also "foreplane" or "noseplane"
in aeronautical terms;

2) a reverse three-point (actually
four-point) hull configuration, a
"tricycle," with two sponsons aft and a
planing shoe forward
Cowl Lock - Fastener
#SGCowllock .. $20.00 plus shipping
To order this cowling email us:  info@rcboatcompany.com
To order this cowling/parts, questions email us:  info@rcboatcompany.com
When ordering this cowl/parts
please include your complete
mailing address with zip code
I'll give you the shipping cost.
Master Hull# 8806
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