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SG670WS (full set - 6 pieces) ......................... $65.00 plus shipping
SG670WS (full set - 6 pieces add carbon fiber) $100.00 plus shipping
SG670UPR (upright only - 4 pieces) ................ $30.00 plus shipping
SG670HWING (horizontal only - 2 pieces) ....... $35.00 plus shipping
Uprights wings measures:   5" W (bottom) x 3" W (top) x 5” H
Horizontal wing measures:  12-3/4” L x 4-1/2” W   
Part# SG670WS will fit the following hydros:
Please note: This is a sample listing.  If you do not see your hull listed, please ask.
Cathedral wing set may require some small modifications to work on your hull.
RCBoatcompany Part#   Master Hull#    Year         U#       Unlimited Hydroplane Name             
Click on boat name to see photo of boat
SG670WS                    7704                      1983-84         U-21        Miss Island Security System
                                             7704                      1983              U-21        Miss Yellow Pages
                                             7931                      1979-80         U-31        Miss Circus Circus
                                             7931                      1981              U-77        Spirit of the Air Force
                                             7931                      1981-83         U-2          Squire Shop  
Click here to order part# SG9670WS cathedral wing set
Uprights or Verticals: a common term for twin tail fins, which usually comprise upright trusses covered
by sleeves or fairings and often support a horizontal stabilizer.

Horizontal Stabilizer: loosely called the "wing," the airfoil-shaped surface mounted horizontally above
the transom and usually adjustable for trimming.

Wing: an aerodynamic surface that can generate lift; while the term is informally applied to the
horizontal stabilizer, the most important wing on a modern hydroplane is the "ram wing."
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