#SG860C .................. $98.00 plus shipping
1/8 scale rc boat epoxy fiberglass high back cowling:
34" L x 4-1/4" W x 3" H (front) and 4-1/2" H (back)
This 1/8 scale rc boat cowl is a high back conventional cowl.
Note: You will have to make your own tail fin.
Part# SG860C will build the following hulls:
Please note: This is a sample listing. This cowling will build a lot
more unlimited hydroplanes from the 1960's, 1970's and 1980's.
If you do not see your hull listed, please ask.
This cowl may need modifications to fit your boat.
RCBoatCompany Part#    Master Hull#   Year             U#        Unlimited Hydroplane Name
                                                                        Click on boat name to see photo
SG860C            6079               1960             U-79-2     Nitrogen Too
                              6207               1962-63        U-7          Notre Dame
                              6207               1970             U-4          Burien Lady
                              6402               1964-65        U-2          Miss U.S. 5
                              6402               1966             U-2          Miss U.S.
                              6407               1964-67        U-7          Notre Dame
                              6544               1968             U-44        Gale's Roostertail (blue,green,orange,red)
                              6544               1969             U-5          Miss Schweppe's
                              6544               1971             U-5          Towne Club (yellow)
                              6544               1971             U-5          Towne Club (red, white)    
 6707               1967             U-7          Notre Dame
                              7422               1983             U-22        Miss Tosti Asti                 
Lexan Windshield Kit
#SGLWK .......... $8.00 plus shipping
1/8 scale aluminum lifting brackets.
#SG4LB ........ $12.00 plus shipping
The aluminum lifting brackets are a great accessory to add
to your 1/8 scale hydro for a realistic look.
Measurements: 2-1/2" L x 3/8" W
Cowl Lock - Fastener
#SGCowllock . $12.00 plus shipping