This is the Lucero style wing set that was used on unlimited  
hydroplanes from the 1980’s and is still used on some unlimited
hydroplanes racing today.

Assembly is required.
We recommend flotation be inserted because wings and uprights often
come off during accidents.

This 1/8th scale wing set comes with our hull kit
SG108H and SG117H.
SG940WS (full set - 6 pieces) ......................... $50.00 plus shipping
SG940WS (full set - 6 pieces add carbon fiber)  $85.00 plus shipping
SG940UPS (uprights only - 4 pieces) ..............  $28.00 plus shipping
SG940HWING (horizontal only - 2 pieces) ....... $22.00 plus shipping
Uprights/Veriticals wings measures:   5-3/4” W x 7” H    
Horizontal wing measures:  14-3/8” L x 4-5/8” W    
Aluminum Stabilizer Bracket
#SG100SB .. $89.00 plus shipping
Uprights or Verticals: a common term for twin tail fins, which usually comprise upright trusses covered      
by sleeves or fairings and often support a horizontal stabilizer.

Horizontal Stabilizer: loosely called the "wing," the airfoil-shaped surface mounted horizontally above the   
transom and usually adjustable for trimming.

Wing: an aerodynamic surface that can generate lift; while the term is informally applied to the horizontal  
stabilizer, the most important wing on a modern hydroplane is the "ram wing."