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Epoxy Fiberglass Wing Sets, Drivers, Turbine Dummy Engine,
Billet Aluminum Stabilizer Bracket & Custom Accessories
1979-80's Bud
1990 to present day
1980's to present day
90's to present day canard
Ram Wing
Canard Bracket
Cockpit Tray
Cockpit Tray
Lexan Driver
Ram Wing Kit
Lifting Brackets
Tie Down Bracket
1979-84 Cathedral Wings
Carbon Fiber Wing Mounts
Wing Set Coming Soon
1/8 Scale/Gas Scale/Classic Thunderboat.
You cut to fit.
5" x 7" lexan
#SGLWK ..... $8.00 plus shipping
Lexan Windshield Kit
Carbon Fiber Wing Set
Wing Stabilizer Kit
Click here for details
Turbine Dummy Engine
Click here for details
Cowl Lock - Fastener
#SGCowllock ... $12.00 plu shipping
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